Vinyl Is A Prime Panel Material

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Vinyl is quickly becoming one the most popular materials for a garage door panels. It is well-liked for a number of great reasons. This article explains the best reasons to invest in vinyl panels for any garage door.

Vinyl is Affordable to Own

First of all, vinyl panels are affordable. Not only are they cheap to install, but they are also very cheap to maintain over the years. This is thanks to the fact the vinyl is it waterproof material. It is also largely fade resistant. A vinyl garage panel is going to be dyed, so it is the same color on the inside as it is on the outside. No outer finish or paint can chip or wear off. This means that the vinyl color is going to last longer without any special treatment over the years.

Vinyl is a Great Insulator

Another attractive feature of vinyl, especially compared aluminum, is the fact that it is more energy efficient. A vinyl garage panel can offer more insulation to your garage. This is a big selling point for homeowners to spend a lot of time, or even have a converted bedroom inside the garage. With better weather and soundproofing, vinyl panels will make your garage more comfortable. 

Of course, not all vinyl panels are going to be equally insulating. You might need to invest in a thicker product with even better insulation if you live in a cold climate. But, it is well worth making this extra investment, just make sure that your motor is strong enough to operate the heavier panels.

Vinyl Panels are Modular

Another great feature of vinyl garage panels is that they are modular. This enables homeowners to replace their panels if they want to change the look of them. Many manufacturers make a plethora of styles, that can be used for the majority of their overhead garage door models. So, if you want to change your style, you can buy new panels and replace them without changing anything else on your garage system. The new panels can be easily removed, and the new ones can be installed.

It is easy to see why vinyl is one of the most popular garage panel materials on the market. Upgrading your current garage by installing vinyl panels is a smart long-term investment. It is a cheap way to give your exterior a facelift, while also making your garage more functional.

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