Upgrading The Curb Appeal Of Your Home With A New Garage Door

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Making your home look better from the street or giving it more curb appeal can increase the value of your property. Replacing an old or damaged garage door can be a great way to help give the home a fresh look from the street. If the garage doors are a prominent feature of the front of your home, they may draw more attention than you might think. Step across the street and take a look at your home and the garage doors on the front of it. Is it time for a refresh?

Picking a Door Style

If you are considering upgrading the garage doors on your home, you need to decide if you want something special or just a standard door that works and looks nice. There are so many styles available now that you can have just about anything you want and if you are going for a specific look, you might want to talk to a garage door dealer. Along with style options, you can pick a color that accents your home or changes the look entirely. Once you make a decision, you might want to find a garage door installer to come replace the door for you.

Out With The Old

Installing a new garage door requires removal of the old door. When you hire a door installer to put your new door in, ask if removal of the old door is included. In many cases, it will be and sometimes disposal can even be part of the agreement of you arrange is ahead of time. Removing the old door needs to be done with care, especially when you get to the tension springs that help lift the door. This is not a job to be done without the right tools and the knowledge of how they work. One misstep will allow the springs to uncoil violently and could injure the person working on them.

Installing The New Door

The new door needs to be hung precisely so that it opens and closes with little effort. The installer will typically replace the tracks the door rides on with new ones for the new door and can install an automatic garage door opener for you when the door is installed. The company may offer options for your door like windows or styling options on the outside but you will need to make those decisions when you buy the door. The installer, such as A & J Garage Door Inc, will most likely only bring what is required to the job site and in most cases will have your new door in and operating properly in just a couple hours. Once complete, the new door can add a great look to your home and will make getting in and out of the garage easier.