You Can Change Your Garage Panels

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Many people smartly invest in garage panel replacement. Some people do this because they're all panels look aged and out of date. Others simply replace their panels because they are damaged. Regardless of your reason for investing in new garage panels, you might be able to handle the project yourself. That is, it is possible to remove old panels and install new ones even if you aren't a construction or garage expert. This article explains the garage door repair process, and should help you figure out if it is something you will be able to take on.

Make Sure Your Panels Are Replaceable

The first thing you need to closely examine if you have an old or damage garage is the state of the panel frames. That is, you will be removing the panels from the frame and installing new panels into them. So, if your frames aren't in good condition, this might not be possible. If it looks like your frames are bent, don't move ahead with the project. Frame replacement is much more difficult and needs to be handled by professionals.

Installing the New Panels

If your frame is in good condition, removing the old panels is just a matter of taking out the bolts and then pulling them out of the frame. This can be simple, but it usually depends on how tight the fit is, and this varies from brand to brand. Before you remove your damaged panels, you want to order replacements. Replacement panels, made by the same manufacturer, can be ordered and delivered directly to your home, taking the headache out of transporting them.

Once you have the panels, the first thing you should do a double check their size to make sure they fit. At this point, you can start to remove your old panels. You can probably do this part of the job by yourself, but you will need a helper to install the new panels. Since they are so long and flimsy, they need to be handled with care so they don't bend or crack. Have one person on each end of the panel as you hold it up to pop it into the frame. Once the panel is securely in the frame, one of the workers will need to walk inside the garage and secure the bolts.

Most homeowners are amazed how simple this DIY project is. Since garages have largely modular design, the project is simple, and doesn't even require a power tool!