Reasons Behind the Strange Noises Coming from Your Garage Door

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Every time you open or close the door to your garage, you may have started to notice an odd noise and wonder what could be causing the sound. If so, below are a few of the reasons behind the strange noises coming from your garage door.

Squeaking Noise While the Door Is Moving

One possible noise that may be coming from your garage door is a squeaking sound whenever the door is in motion. This squeaking noise has two possible causes, the first being dried out weatherstripping along the outside of the door. If the weatherstripping is dried out, this can be remedied by applying a special lubricant to it. Contact a garage door service to see about which one you should use for your particular model.

However, if the weatherstripping is not dried out, the second possible cause of the squeaking could be the rollers. If they have started to deteriorate, they may be rubbing on the tracks. The pressure between the two could break the rollers or knock the tracks out of alignment. Either way, a professional should be consulted about making these types of repairs.

Banging Heard at Certain Points Along the Door's Path

If you hear a loud bang along the same point along the door's path, either while opening or closing it, this could be a sign that the torsion spring has a crack in it. This spring is responsible for bearing the weight of the door while it is moving, as well as for holding it in place when the door is opened.

If you suspect that you have a broken torsion spring, you can easily test the spring for strength. Close the door, then release the manual switch. Raise the door up until the bottom hits your waist, then let it go while taking a step back.

After letting the door go, it should normally stay in place. However, if the spring is broken or even stretched, the door will drop while creating the banging noise you have been hearing. Depending on how bad the spring's condition, it may drop a few inches or all the way to the ground. 

If you consistently hear the above noises or start hearing something for which you are unable to find the cause, you may want to have your garage door looked at by a professional. Contact a residential garage door service to have them send someone to inspect your door and discuss your options for fixing whatever problem they may find.