3 Common Reasons That May Cause Your Garage Door Springs To Break

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When your garage door opens and closes smoothly, the garage door springs help with the heavy lifting. When you lower your door, the springs will gain tension. It releases this tension as it opens, allowing your door to lift. Remember that the springs on your garage door have more tension when it closes, and this is when they're likely to break. If this happens, it may close unexpectedly, and you're at risk of serious injuries. To avoid such cases, you should be conversant with what can cause your spring to break and necessitate untimely garage door repair.

Failing To Adhere To Proper Garage Door Maintenance

After prolonged use, the springs on your garage door will cease to function properly. However, by performing regular maintenance, you'll extend the spring's lifespan and know when they're about to fail. One of the necessary maintenance checks to perform is lubricating your springs regularly. Remember that when your spring is in perfect condition, they will keep your door still. If you notice that your door is beginning to sag, your springs are beginning to experience wear, and you should seek the help of a garage door repair technician to advise on the need for adjustment or replacement. 

Your Garage Door Springs Have Excessive Rust Build-Up

When you notice a heavy build-up of rust on your garage door springs, they may break soon. This is because the rust makes your steel door springs brittle and weak. Additionally, rust increases friction in the coil of your garage door springs, and this can cause them to break suddenly. On the first sign of rust on your garage door springs, contact your garage door repair technician to replace it for you. Such professionals will even advise you on the quality springs to use, particularly if you live in a wet and humid climate where this problem is prevalent.

Using Incorrect Springs On Your Garage Door

To save on the cost of garage door repairs, some homeowners choose to use a long spring instead of two shorter ones. The problem with going for this option is that it leads to increased tension on your spring, especially if you have a heavy door. This ultimately makes your coils have a short lifespan due to the added stress, leading to your springs breaking unexpectedly. Garage door repair technicians can help you avoid this problem by ensuring proper installing the springs.

The issues discussed above should help you take the necessary precaution to ensure that your garage door doesn't fail when you least expect it. It's also important that a certified garage door technician performs any repair of your garage door spring for better efficiency of your door.

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