Tips On Garage Door Installation

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Whether you need to install a new part or an entirely new system for your garage door, knowing how to install each component safely and effectively is the best way to have a lasting, sturdy garage life. Here are the basics of installing a roller garage door and the main types of materials.

Why You Might Need To Replace Your Garage Door

Rust, dirt, dust, and neglected machinery are common issues that come with having a garage door. Besides regular problems with parts, performing extra maintenance every couple of years is key to keeping your garage in great shape. 

If damaged or dented by anything, stop the use of the garage doors and call a garage repair service to be sure no further issues are made. 

How To Install A Garage Door

Installing a garage door is complicated for the average person, but here is a short explanation of the steps involved for a basic roller garage door. 

First, make sure all of the measurements are correct. Measure the length and height of the area to ensure the door fits perfectly. Next, add the weather stripping to the bottom panel. Attach the first panel by centering it in the doorway, screwing the hinges into the panel, inserting rollers, wrapping the roller track around the wheels, and finally screwing the track to the door frame. 

Once the first panel is in place, you can stack the next panels one after the other by securing the hinges in the right places, inserting rollers, and fastening the tracks. After this, attach the track to the wall, ensuring that the bolts are firmly tightened. 

Once the panels and track are installed, you can add the spring. A torsion spring is installed by attaching the spring to the wall brackets, threading the lifting cables into the spring, winding the spring, and finally lubricating it. Installing the garage door spring is the most dangerous part, and it is highly recommended to leave this portion to a professional technician. 

The last part is connecting the opener. You can choose between a smart opener, chain drive, or a wall mount. Each has its own benefits you can discuss with a technician. 

Which Door Material

There are three main materials garage doors are made of: composite, steel, and wood. Composite doors have a similar look to natural wood, with the added benefits of better insulation, durability, and affordability. It also is resistant to insects and warping. Steel garage doors are easy to customize with various color and design options available. This material can be easily tailored to your energy efficiency needs. If curb appeal is important to you, wood doors are a great choice. It provides a premium look for your home and can be personalized to fit your house design.

Due to the complexity of garage door machinery, it is important to remember that safety comes first. Making sure your garage door installation is done correctly will not only keep it functioning smoothly and securely longer but will also make sure thieves cannot enter easily. 

Installing the right garage for you is all about the right style, size, and correct parts to build up a functioning garage system. Contact a local professional to safely and correctly install your garage door, making it function properly from the beginning. For more information, contact a company like Trinity Garage Door, LLC.